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Give me the Power to Produce Sweat


Here are our websites on the Relax Far Infrared Sauna:

We hope that you will explore the potential benefits and opportunities we offer to everyone. Here are some of them:


Sweating releases heavy metals and chemicals from the body.

Burn Calories

Saunas are known to burn 300 to 1000 calories in 30 minutes.

Speed Recovery

Studies have shown that Far Infrared can enhance the healing processes.

Doctor's Testimonials on Relax Sauna

Dr. James Onnikian Naturopathic Physician

World Kickboxing Champ & yoga teacher, talks about his 10 years of experince using Relax Sauna.

Dr. Robert Young
PH Miracle Center

You get passive exercise with it so you can burn calories, increase heart rate and detox while you are watching TV or reading.

Dr. Roger Billica
Former NASA Medical Doctor

Dr. Rodger endorses the Relax Sauna. He and his patients use it regularly for health and detoxing.

Dr. Lauren Child
New York Medical Doctor

Every Home Should Have a Relax Sauna. "I use it every night, five nights a week myself."

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Choose Your Sauna

There are three saunas to choose from. Two sit up saunas and a lie down version.

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Dual 750 Watt Radiators. Double Stiched Thicker Tent With Extra Silver in the Lining.

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Original Sit-up Relax Sauna. Dual 750 Watt Radiators. Silver Lined Tent.

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Lie Down


Single 1000 Watt Radiator. Lie Down Version. Reflective Matt, Pillow and Tent Included.

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Not Sure Which Sauna is Right For You?

If you are hesitating over a choice, send us an email with any questions or suggestions you have.

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